Friday, November 09, 2012

27 July 2012 The Way Home

This was the weekend of Mid-West Geobash. Of late, they were a chance for us to say hello to friends before heading off on a short adventure somewhere else. In the past few years, we made trips into Michigan, hunted western counties in Ohio, and made our way to the prairie preserve to enjoy the wildflowers. It wasn't to be this year. The timing worked well for me since I was at a meeting in Columbia City for the last half of the week. My return home would take me by Wauseon. With Ali working, driving to Wauseon after a day at the office wouldn't be a pleasant journey so we passed on this year.

Since my drive would finish at home instead of Wauseon, I took the opportunity to visit a couple state parks on my drive. I stopped at Harrison Lake and Maumee before making my way home. I got a wee bit wet at Maumee, but had a good time on a few trails.

I didn't notice when taking this picture, but the heron in the background of the picture is huge. It is well away from the one in the foreground and should be significantly smaller yet appears to be the same size as the one in the water.

I think I am going to get wet.

Yes, I am going to get wet.

And so ended the day... A young ranger saw me walking the trail and gave me a ride back to the geomobile so I didn't get too wet. Two out of three state parks wasn't bad. I would much rather visit the state parks on Lake Erie in beautiful weather so once the rain started, I lost motivation to cache.

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