Saturday, November 24, 2012

18 August 2012 The Other Side of the Red-Eye

The trip back from Spokane is always a killer for me. No matter what time I leave Spokane, I seem to arrive in Cleveland in the evening. If I am lucky, stores and restaurants are just closing. If there are any delays, I am driving with the bar traffic. This trip I was able to spot a red-eye back home. I had to make two stops (Spokane-San Francisco-Chicago-Cleveland) rather than one, but it meant an early Saturday arrival in Ohio. I had to run for my connection in San Francisco, but made all my flights.

All was super until I got back to Cleveland and experienced that sinking feeling of my bag not arriving with me. It was all made worse since I had left my truck keys in my checked bag. The bag was in Chicago (funny United screwed up the easy leg - not the tough connection in Frisco). By 9 something I was on my way home. We celebrated by caching the afternoon in Lake Metroparks with the geodogs.

It's lonely in Cleveland Hopkins on an early Saturday morning.

A much better way to spend the day.

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