Wednesday, May 04, 2016

1 February 2016 Day Off

I was near the use it or lose it point with a day off so we decided to use it. Winter days off aren't usually days of choice for me, and the down time was mainly to give us time to travel to Elk the prior day. With great weather for the first day of February and not too many work events in the morning, we were able to spend the afternoon with caching and bird watching. We started with caching in Titusville. We stopped for an old cache we had never searched for in the past and a puzzle cache sitting unfound since August 2014. Neither of us expected to head into the woods very near town and find large rock formations.

We found the caches and made our way off to a favorite eagle area near the Ohio and PA border. We were hoping to see at least one of the two eagles, but birding luck was not with us for the day. We were able to spot an interesting smaller hawk and a lone female mallard on a distant pond. I was still playing with the new camera and happy to try capturing an image of a flock of geese in flight. The image was real, but the monochromatic blue-grey sky makes the image look oddly unreal or staged.

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