Monday, May 09, 2016

6 February 2016 Making Stark a Habit

This was our last day of visiting Stark to complete the GeoTour. After a quick stop in Canal Fulton we made our way back toward the Canton area. Our first stop in Canton was at Westbrook Veteran's Memorial Park.

I wonder who first thought placing a cannon or artillery piece in a final resting spot was a good idea? These pieces were both captured in the Phillipines during the Spanish-American War. The longer barrel on the left was made in France in 1748 before the US existed. It must have been a relic in 1898 when it was captured. The casting work is amazing for the age of the pieces.

The barrel is 11 feet long.

This twisted piece of metal was cut from the conning tower in the remains of the USS Maine. The USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor and appeared to be the final event triggering the Spanish American War. Parts of the Maine appear to have ended up everywhere.

Our next stop was at the tomb of William McKinley, the President during the Spanish American War. The area was festive with activity. It was quite a difference from the quiet

There aren't too many Allantes on the road anymore. We spotted this one sporting a 30-day tag in the parking lot while picking up our coin. With an early Northstar V8 and an ill-fitting roof, I hope the new owner is aware of the struggle ahead. The years have been kind to the body style.

One last walk after picking up our coin gave us one more of the Stark GeoTour caches and a view of a nice hawk (the bird... not the car)

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