Wednesday, May 18, 2016

9 February 2016 Liberty Park

Spokane has a number of beautiful, old parks which have survived and maintained their stately grace. Liberty Park suffered a much worse fate. The park was designed by renowned designed Fredrick Olmsted and opened with a covered stone walkway that led to a pergola. Over the years it was a streetcar destination, boasted a pool, and was home to an ice skating rink in the winter. A long decay led to the park eventually becoming a victim of Interstate 90 in the 1950's. Today the park is bounded by the highway and an office supply retail chain. It's remains are the now-uncovered stone walk which led to the pergola. I stopped by to visit the ruins as part of the Spokane GeoTour. It was an interesting look at a fading piece of history.

It must have been grand.

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