Sunday, May 29, 2016

27 February 2016 One More Visit to Walborn

I was traveling the following week so it was time to spend a weekend near home. We decided to take one more trip to Stark County and Walborn Reservoir to search for a new series of caches. It was a chilly day so we bundled Phineas in his Fido Fleece and headed south. It was a good time as we found all the caches and enjoyed a blue sky and scenic sunset.

A pair of geese appeared to already be nesting on an island.

How many birdhouse caches have been hidden? This one was well built and made to stay dry.

An old farm lane and barn foundation are about all that remain of a farm that was once here.

It has been over thirty years since these were used on beverage cans. It is unusual to spot them on the trail.

Being on the look-out for birds paid off as we spotted this female hooded merganser.

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