Sunday, May 29, 2016

29 February 2016 Leaping Into Nashville

I needed to travel to Tennessee for a week of business, I arrived in Nashville early and was waiting for a staff member to arrive on a red-eye from Spokane. I decided to spend the time wisely ;) and hunt for a few caches.

These whimsical airplane and cloud mosaics are on the way to the car rental area.

I found a number of caches while waiting including a few virtuals. The Nashville area seems to have virtuals everywhere. Caching was a mixed bag with some bad containers or missing caches offset by some gems. One of the earliest may have been the strangest cache location I have visited. There is no doubt Santa's Pub is proud of and has earned its title as the Best Nashville Dive Bar for three years running.

Harley Santa and the beer-drinking elf kept giving me visions of John Belushi playing a drunken santa shouting ho-ho-ho while the tv pitch was made for buying the Santi-Wrap to protect children from germs on mall santas.

The back of Santa's Pub was no less scarier than the front.

Finding Honest Abe at a Civil War Virtual was also a bit weird.

He was friendly and quite presidential. He also gave me more information about the history of the virtual location I was visiting than I could ever get from reading a plaque.

I found one of the best lock-n-lock hides by a sewer grate. The picture below gives no vision of the container.

I looked a long time at the location before I finally decided to put my hand in there and hope there were no rats. The cache below is held in place by the strongest magnets I have seen (match the small flower with the one on the right-hand side above to see where the container is).

I reached the bridge below and started looking for the hide. After a few minutes of looking, I stopped to read the page (bright idea). Once I noticed the 3 1/2 terrain, I guessed I was at the wrong level.

Once I reached the correct elevation ;), it took a few minutes of looking to find the nicely hidden container.

Being at the lower elevation gave a good view of a berthed paddle wheel on the river.

It was time to head back to the airport and on to our driving destination. It was a fun Leap morning.

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