Thursday, June 09, 2016

13 March 2016 Saying Good-Bye

My home office is moving to a new site. It's a wonderful new location and quite a contrast to the beat-up aged facility where my office has been. Still, it's been my home when I'm home for longer than I care to remember. I was a young man when I started here over twenty years ago. The old hulk will have a new life. It will hopefully be spruced up for another 60 years of service. I will miss it.

When they maintenance crew was removing the sign, they found an old, old sign from a long forgotten owner had been covered over. Kennecott's presence and this sign are from a time when I was still in high school.

A few weeks ago this was a busy CNC machining center.

The hallway is deserted and my office looks empty. It's time to head for a new home.

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