Sunday, June 26, 2016

2 April 2016 Hillandale Park

Hillandale is an area with a bit of unrealized history. The northern section of the land is a City of Euclid park. The area to the south was poised for development in the late 1920's, but died with the market crash. The land once again became part of development plans in 2008 and once again those plans died as the economy crashed. The remains of the original bridge still remain. It is in poor shape, but can be crossed. It was a grand bridge in it's day and the undeveloped land has natural beauty.

The edge of the woods surprised us with a number of spring wildflowers. There were bloodroot everywhere and spring beauty. We found fewer trout lily, but their leaves were present.

Even as it slowly fades away, the bridge is an attractive piece of what might have been.

The lower supports of the bridge provide the canvas for the local graffiti artists.

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