Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 April 2016 Another Place Revisited

The trip seemed to be a time to visit a few old caching locations. After I left the office I wanted to hunt for a few caches, but it was still very cold. I headed toward the hotel finally deciding to stop for a walk along the Erie Canal.

Like Stiglmeier Park from the afternoon before, this location is greatly changed from my first visit in spring 2005. When I stopped then, we had just recently started caching. I was up early one morning and decided to stop for an early walk to look for a cache called My Name Is Mud. I had no idea what this trail was like. About 45 minutes later I dragged my completely muddy, scratched-up self back to my car with no find. My trip to the office waited a bit while I drove back to the hotel and had a nice, long shower to shed all the mud. Almost a year later in the spring of 2006, I returned to the same location to successfully avenge a dnf.

This evening I returned to a changed area. The pool-sized mud puddles are gone. They have been replaced by a wonderful, paved all-purpose trail. The bumpy, gravel parking lot is now a nicely paved lot. It is a great place to walk for an easy cache or two. I stopped for a couple and decided to move on.

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