Saturday, June 04, 2016

8 March 2016 Teepee Drive-In

The closed Teepee Drive-In is located along Route 66 near Salpulpa, Oklahoma. With longer daylight, I decided to drive over to see the remains of this iconic drive-in. Opened in 1950, the Teepee had parking for 400 cars or trucks. It survived until 1999 when the screen went dark with the close of the season. There have been a few attempts to reopen this piece of history, but the last was in 2012 and never got close.

Imagine the old cars and trucks this place has seen; the families that played here waiting for darkness and the screen to light up. Some pieces of our culture deserve to be saved... It's for sale...

I moved a little down Route 66 to hunt a few caches in a park that also appeared to be abandoned. With gritty pictures of the park this post could have been title Used condoms and empty beer bottles. At least the older trees were nice to see, and the park was empty.

This is the first cache where I have been muggled by a chicken. It's a lousy image, but with no houses nearby, I wasn't expecting a chicken to show up near ground zero. The chicken didn't find the cache either. I eventually gave up looking in a sea of broken bottles and discarded trash.

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