Saturday, June 25, 2016

26 March 2016 Another Caching Milestone

Really Phineas, pillows were not created for you to rest while looking out the window for the neighbor's chihuahua.

Phin kept vigil for our neighbors' dogs while Ali plotted out our trip for our 14,000th find. There wasn't much plotting left since we had already agreed the milestone cache would be St. Marys Rocks. It's a 4 1/2 terrain cache and it's in the.... rocks. The decision on the milestone was easy. The planning was what few caches would come before and what might come after. Normally we would just get to the milestone and cache on until it was late. On March 26th late comes a little earlier in Elk County Pennsylvania.

The grey of the day before had been replaced by a bright, blue spring sky.

Not all the uphill hiking was on trail. This section was a spirited scramble over the rocks.

We always try to celebrate these milestones as happy moments together. We try to capture the milestone with an image including the dogs. The activity is usually three, four, five, six who knows how many attempts. We got fairly close this time in four. Our first included Phineas suddenly launching himself across Ali and into my lap while Lizzie offered... a butt shot.

It wouldn't be a milestone without a double butt shot.

Lizzie got in the spirit. She was a little dirty from the trail. Phineas seemed to have forgotten we were there.

The final take isn't perfect, but we were having fun.

We stayed a bit at the rocks to explore and enjoy the milestone. We've been caching almost twelve years and have had fourteen of these 1,000 cache milestones so they don't happen often for us.

There were biologs along the side of the road. The logs made for great barriers and created pools for egg masses.

Some of the masses were already hatched and the pools were filled with amphibians swimming.

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