Saturday, June 18, 2016

25 March 2016 Return to the Hatch Run Series

With a half-day holiday and a later sunset, it was time to finally re-revisit the Hatch Run GeoTrail. We had both been tentative about a return to the series after Phineas' escape during our last visit to the geotrail. Today, we decided to make a visit to the Collins Pine trails hosting part of the geotour. We both feel safer with Phineas being double-leashed, but are still always aware of his escape artist abilities.

Early Easter weekends are always a dice roll with the weather. This one was cold. Not cold enough to risk snow, but a biting cold to keep one moving on the trail. It was also dark grey. As a youth, I always looked for Good Friday to be a bright sunny day. The kick-off to a week of playing. One perfect for basketball on an outdoor court or an early pick-up baseball game. My memory is all those days were bright and sunny. ;) The years can dim reality.

The afternoon was a quiet (if you don't count a baying beagle) time in nature. There was coltsfoot blooming. Ali spotted egg masses in first a few than many roadside culverts. I forget who spotted a bird's nest low in a tree.

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