Thursday, September 20, 2007

16 September 2007 Sheldon Marsh

We always visit Sheldon Marsh at least once a year and often times more. This visit was unusual in two ways, it came in the late summer and the weather was great. Most times when we're here, the weather is extreme, either cold or wind. Today was perfect.

The visit was a little unusual because many of the birds we commonly see, like a egrets and herons in the marsh area, weren't there. We were also surprised to not see any warblers. We met up with another guy out birding. He recited the names of two warblers he had seen that day, but both evaded us. After Sheldon Marsh we had a quiet afternoon finding a few caches and benchmarks in Sandusky. We ended up as always at Tofts. Chocolate champion cherry... YUM.

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