Monday, September 10, 2007

3 September 2007 Labor Day

We went off today to find the two private property caches we passed by the day before with the dogs. The first was placed by a relatively new cacher on his grandparents property. It was a pleasant walk in a nice stretch of woods. The second stop of the day was to visit a dedication cache for us. Liz and Wes placed a new cache deep in the woods of their Indian Rock Farm. The cache was a blast. Enough terrain to remind you it was the woods and a nice ammo can at the end. They gave us a personal geocoin for our 3,000th find. It's a great cache. Now that we've gone and found it, they'll post the page for everyone. It was the third time friends have done this for us (Goat Haunt placed one in Ohio and Horsnaround placed one at our favorite ice cream stand in Edinboro). Both have been great because we enjoyed the caches so much.

The great shelf fungus came from Liz and Wes' woods. There seemed to be a dusting of wood dust on the fungus from the decaying tree. We stopped on the way home and had a slow quiet walk around Irvine Flats. The last wildflowers of the summer are in bloom. The turtlehead was plentiful, but almost every bloom had a brownish edge to it. We also walked as close to the old stocking ponds as we ever have. We were trying to get a better look at a snapping turtle that was stalking some fish in the pond. Ali was excited to find the wildflower in the last photo on a walk around our woods.

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