Tuesday, September 04, 2007

31 August 2007 The Great Geauga County Fair

Two great fairs in one month leaves me feeling pretty lucky. Today was Geauga County Fair. We were also lucky to attend the fair with GG and Goat Haunt. I think we got to see it all including animals, the GPD area, and the fair entries. Both GG and Goat Haunt knew people with entries, so we had fun searching for their efforts. We had ice cream. Ali got goat milk fudge. Ali got to pet the goats. We had an impromptu Eastern Chums SkeeBall championship for the four chums who were present. Ali won the contest and got to proudly display her winning beads. We even got GG to stay for the main event, the Ohio State Horse Pulling Championships. I never did figure out why the lady had two pet ducks in the basket, but the ducks were really tame and did want to be petted.

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