Monday, September 24, 2007

21 September 2007 Losson Park

Gryff is holding all that stuff, taking a photo, and standing on a rock in the Creek.

I found out today that Losson is an Indian word for Stiglmeier which translates very loosely as 'park where no more caches fit'. It seems like every cache page at this park has some sort of text paraphrasing 'this is the last spot in this park where a cache can be placed.' :-) I haven't been here in a year and last time I was here there was a cache with those very words in the text. They've added at least ten since my last visit.

The funny thing is you have to work your tail off for the finds. Gryff and I were here for four hours and nabbed five finds. Granted we started two multis that we didn't finish and completely dnf'd a third multi, but finding the first stage of a seven part multi isn't a huge part of the find either. Okay, so we also stopped to look at the deer, a snake, nuthatches, juncos, chickadees, roosting turkeys, chipmunks, and a plant or two.

It was a lot of fun. It's strange when you are at this park. There are about twenty caches here. They fill every corner of the park. A lot of them are multis. Still, I never feel bored hunting here. There are always deer here. There are always chipmunks here. Before today, I had never seen a turkey here. I know there are eagles here, and I've never seen one when I'm here. Maybe next time. Maybe next week...

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