Tuesday, September 04, 2007

31 August 2007 The Great Geauga County Fair Horse Pull

You gotta love the pompous fair names, even if the fair has been around got 185 years. The horse pulls were moved this year so tickets could be sold for some completely awful band in the Main Grandstand. The smaller grandstand was packed, but standing alongside the fence as we did offered a great view of events. GG stayed with us for the duration. This year was a return of the State of Ohio Championship so there were a lot of teams (13 in the lightweight (<3300#) and 14 in the heavyweight (3300-5200#)). Teams were representing OH, KY, MI, IN, and PA.

We only stayed for the lightweight pull and seemed to have seen the best action. With the lightweights, pulling started at 4000 pounds and ended with 10,500# on the sled. The first team didn't drop out until 9,500#. The heavyweights had the first team pull-out at 6,500# and the competition was over by 12,500#. It's my favorite event at the fair and this year's was grand.

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