Friday, September 28, 2007

22 September 2007 Portage Lake State Park

This event was the final of the 2007 Ohio State Park Challenge, a five park event with twenty caches. For the second year Ali had completed the challenge. Today was the day to celebrate. We drove down with Kathy and met Chris eventually at the event. We cached as a team for the day wearing our Team Nature Nutz title given to us by Cold One at a Medina Parks event in June. This year 21 caching teams completed the series. The 2006 series had 14 finishers. I missed the toughest park, Jefferson, but still enjoyed some great adventures.

We had a great time at the event. Watching Ali and Kathy put together a tent at the event would have been more enjoyable (and there would have been more pictures) except I was supposed to be building a fire. Hah... me a fire? The closest I ever came to campfires were vacations in Canada during college. One of our team on those adventures was an Eagle Scout (really). His method of a starting a campfire was taking a half cup of gas from my boat. I knew that wasn't the proper way to do it. I kept gathering and building. I must not have done too poorly since with a little assistance from Kathy after they were done with the tent we had burned the string in no time.

We went for a few night caches after the event. It was a fun day.

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