Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2 September 2007 Caching Warren County

It was a quiet day. Gwen and Eva got to join us as we chased a handful of caches. We passed two on private property since we had the dogs. After those we both decided to take a nice, long walk at Akely Swamp. We usually try to visit here once or twice a year. It is a heron and duck paradise. There's usually more than a few turkeys within sight as well.

We spotted a heron near one of the smaller ponds. Actually I spotted it. Ali was oblivious and so was the heron. It seemed like she got a few feet from it before it realized she was there and took flight. As usual, I wasn't quick on the draw with the camera and just got a butt shot as it flew away. :-) We also got to see (but not photograph) a handful of wood ducks. Later on I got the nice butterfly shot by the larger ponds. The white spider was a hitchhiker with Ali that we found at a nearby store where we stopped to get water for Gwen and Eva.

I was having a lousy day so we shut it down after four caches and were home well before sunset. The dogs had a great time.

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