Saturday, September 17, 2011

10 July 2011 Hogback Ridge and Hell Hollow

Had a fun time in the stream
We were in the area and had a few Lake County Caches we hadn't found. After some yard work, it was off to the park. Hogback Ridge is a pleasant trail with a serious set of stairs to climb. There's a nice waterfall at the bottom of the stairs, but the low rain had reduced the falls to a trickle.

A nice towhee along the trail

That's a lot of steps either up or down.

Fairy Candles were in bloom at the stream level.

Note the frog's legs are crossed. We've never seen that before. It didn't stop him from a long jump.

We were on the road when this old WWI biplane passed overhead.

We finally stopped for an old cache in the Hell Hollow area. The cache is at an old bridge site at the base of a hill. This is one of those locations where I wish I had the chance to drive over the bridge years ago before it was removed. It appears to have been quite an adventure.

The old bridge supports are really visible here on the road down.

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