Monday, September 05, 2011

30 June 2011 Last Minute Prep

Amid all the bustle at the fairgrounds to finish preparing for the big day, the people of Warren carried on as they have every fourth of July for as long as we've lived here. They got ready for the parade and reserved their roadside seats. The pre-parade frenzy has slowed a bit in recent years. There was a prior main street manager who fueled the excitement with a chair decorating competition. You could drive down main street during the judging and see chairs covered in lights, tinsel, flowers (and just about anything else you can imagine). Nowadays, its back to the basics of location, location, location.

The beautiful weather was making Warren look about as good as it can.

Meanwhile back at the fairgrounds Jenny made her way through to the camping area. Ali and I took a break and stopped for a visit with our friends.

At the end of the day most things were done and ready for the crowd. The auction area and the meal tent were all ready for the big crowd.

Sometimes, I can be amused by the easiest things. I was really thrilled to see that Pot O Gold Dairy would be sold at the grange building for the event. My meds make my susceptible to getting really sick at any question of tainted food. Granges are about the only food I will take a chance with at fairs so I was glad to see there was a food option for me. Pot O Gold has one of the best chocolate milks ever (only possibly matched by Byrne Dairy in New York). Yep, chocolate milk and a safe burger made for a good evening.

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