Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 July 2011 On the Trail... One Tough Cookie Series

I made it through one of the two events for the day. We stopped at the North Country Trail Event at Kinzua Beach and said hello to some more friends. After the event we were going to stop at a few NCT caches and then attend the last event in North Warren. I realized as we were leaving that I was done with events for a while and just wanted to hit the trail. I also wanted to go somewhere to just hike and find caches. We both agreed the One Tough Cookie series would meet that description. On our way to One Tough Cookie we stopped at one of our favorite blueberry picking spots and fortified ourselves with as many as we could pick and eat.

Along the One Tough Cookie Trail we found a cache near this old power station from earlier oil days. German cachers would call this a lost place. The caches were great and visiting the 100+ year old power station was cool.

The elderberry blossoms around the outside of the old powerhouse were just starting to open. Every time I see elderberry, my mind returns to the Elton John song.

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