Saturday, September 24, 2011

17 July 2011 Exploring Plymouth

There's not many high terrain caches in northeast Ohio. The area around Plymouth in Ashtabula County is one place where a few have been placed. After a day of yard work, we decided to head off for a few early evening caches and some adventures. My previous visit to Plymouth resulted in a backpack falling a few hundred feet after I had taken it off to sign a log and trade swag.

This evening had no big events like a backpack taking a long trip down, but it did have some very nice caches. Below Ali is on her way down to our first find and on to a nice stream bed.

This nice, old tunnel supports a railroad grade above. It is a thundering noise to be walking the stream when a train blasts by above.

After we left Plymouth, we headed over to Indian Trails Park for some more caching. We got some more water splashing by crossing below the Smolen-Gulf Bridge on our way to the main trail. Smolen-Gulf is (or was) the fourth longest covered bridge in the world and the longest in the US. It is an amazing structure but lacks the quaintness I think most of us find when walking an old historic covered bridge.

Some nice, late monarda along the trail

A lone lily Ali spotted along the trail

We found the caches along the trail and made our way out. Being in this area always concerns me a bit. Being here as sunset approaches really gets me moving. Years ago I started from another parking area to find a different cache along the trail. I parked along the street and while walking the sidewalk on my way to the trailhead was surprised to see houses with gang tags on them. I walked about halfway to that cache before I saw enough gang markings to turn around and leave. This evening I was surprised to see gang tagging evident along the side of the paved trail.

It was a fun evening, but I was glad when we were making our way back. We exited the trail and crossed across the big bridge to return to our geomobile.

Smolen-Gulf Bridge at sunset

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