Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 July 2011 Petty Trail Series

Two years ago we had a wonderful journey finding the Dylan Trail Series. We had really high hopes for the Petty Series to follow with another memorable journey. The trail where the caches were hidden is an area where we have enjoyed really fun adventures in the past. The trail delivered with a few hiccups. For most of the journey, we had a great time and enjoyed the butterflies and wildflowers. When we got to the second last cache, the gps kept saying go into the water. We stopped and read a few logs and realized the gps was telling the truth. The container was about 25-30 feet out from what was now the new shore line. I gave Ali the dogs and made a few attempts to approach the cache from a direction which would only get me mildly wet. In the end, it became apparent the cache was in waist deep water and I just wasn't ready to get that wet. My feet and the lower part of my pants were soaked when we finally gave up and headed for the final cache. While we were signing the log at the final cache, we both realized that the some of the million bugs we had encountered on the trail were determined to bite the dogs. The bites were so aggressive that Gwen actually had bleeding wounds. We got out of the woods as quickly as possible to get the dogs some relief.

The cache appears to be out by the middle tree.

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