Wednesday, September 07, 2011

2 July 2011 The Big Day

Hamming for the camera before the reviewer panel.

Ali getting ready for the panel too.

The reviewer panel

Am I talking or sleeping?

The first ever Real Deal Flash Mob

The Geokatz at 2000 finds.

Our friends Geauga Garmin and dbczarina

Our friend Keystone

Friends Chris and kickin'

The big crowd at the end

Snoop snaps a memory

The log was quiet by the end of the day

Some of the many volunteers who made this possible

We were still standing at the end

Tag and Bonnie still smiling

It really seemed like the day passed in a blink. There was so much to do related to the event and so many people to see. I missed saying hi to lots of friends. In most cases, I only knew days later that they were there. After two years it was over in a minute. It seemed like everyone had a great time. I hope so. We ended the big event pretty much where we started, sitting by Jenny with our friends Tag and Bonnie.

We had to go home between GeoWoodstock and the geocoin event in the evening. Once we got home, we barely had enough left to attend the coin event. The little Youngsville Fire Hall was packed with over 500 attendees. We spent most of the time there saying hi to as many friends as we could locate. We did manage to spot this nice red call box coin which joined our collection.

I'm not sure if we'll go to GeoWoodstock next year. It's close enough, but takes a commitment to be there. I am amazed there are a number of cachers that have been to all nine GeoWoodstocks. We'll probably be there and will be sure to volunteer if we are. The experience was a strange mix of fun, pain, anxiety, fatigue... This post and pictures never made it to the GeoWoodstock blog. It worked out well that I am so behind on posts by the time I got to this date, I was ready to write a bit and work through the bank of images.

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