Thursday, December 24, 2015

10 September 2015 Simple Pleasure

I spend a few quiet lunches each summer at this ice cream stand. There are just days where life is made bearable by walking away and driving a few miles to this stand. A hot dog and chocolate malt make the rest of the day easier to face. It's a place where no one I know ever shows. I have one of these in most towns I travel. Today was a day calling out for a last visit with a hot dog and a chocolate malt.

After lunch, I decided to make a stop at Pitluck Preserve to search for a cache I had wanted to find for some time. It seemed the few times I have passed by, the site is popular with multiples of youth in the parking area.

The cache was a wreck. A wet, worn container placed by a cacher long gone from the game. The woods and stream were okay, but calling the area a nature preserve was a big stretch. The woods looked like the place where the locals threw the excess of building projects and the youth left their condom wrappers. These woods deserved better.

Nice tree fungus

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