Saturday, December 05, 2015

9 August 2015 Fundidora Park

I really don't like to fly this early, but on a Sunday morning flying early is preferable to dealing with casual travelers and security.

There are two other advantages to early Sunday travel. The first is more time to still reach my destination in time for Monday's work week if there are weather issues. The other is an early arrival gives me a chance to explore. Since I don't drive in Mexico and won't be out after dark, my options are limited for exploring. Today luck was with me as my engineer picked me up from the airport and wanted to visit Fundidora Park (Foundry Park). The site is quite visible from a distance with the remants of the old blast furnace towering over everything nearby.

Monterrey Steel Foundry Company occupied this site for almost 90 years before ceasing operations in 1986. Despite many of the historical industrial buildings still remaining, the site has served multiple purposes since then including a race track. The track hosted various races from Champs cars and Indy Lights through an F1 race through 2007.

The park borders the municipal zoo and there are some rides at the park. I'm not sure I would want to crawl in the ball of the ride below and take a spiral down. There were no takers while we were there. The zip line seemed really popular and quite exciting for the kids.

The use of an old ladle from the mill as a fountain seemed very creative and appropriate.

Resistance training stations.

Because I pack very lightly, I've given up taking a real camera to Mexico. Most times the iPhone is more than enough. Somedays, I regret my decision like today when I spotted this hummingbird.

The old steel mill was a big attraction for an engineering geek (like me).

I didn't realize until it was too late to try, but this old part of the facility has been converted into an incline.

I expect the views from the top are super.

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