Wednesday, December 30, 2015

20 September 2015 Traveling to Wellsboro

Each trip to Wellsboro is exciting. Wellsboro is our stopping point for visits to Pine Creek Gorge. Today's journey started at Lyman State Park. We are slowly filling a Pennsylvania State Park stamp album. We've visited Lyman multiple times. Today, the park was quiet with the beach deserted and only a few boats out enjoying the day.

We also made our way to a few more CCC caches on our journey, including a visit to an old CCC camp with a trail through the old camp.

The trail had numerous information signs regarding the camp and life at the camp. This camp had a documented history of the ways the camp members spent time off on recreation including boxing, ice hockey, and tennis. The old camp site still contains the remains of the poles that supported the nets for tennis.

We also saw the Dyer house while on our journey. While nearly all buildings from the CCC time are gone, the Dyer farmhouse is different. It pre-dated the CCC and became a part of the camp. It served as the camp office during the time of the camp and reverted to a private residence when the CCC camp was closed. Today, there is an addition to the back and clearly some modern updates, but the front of the house is very easily recognizable as the building in the picture on the historical sign.

The safe used during CCC camp time for the payroll of camp members still stands in the woods near the house. Even without it's door, it looks quite imposing.

It was a quiet, peaceful day in the woods.

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