Sunday, December 20, 2015

5 September 2015 Geauga Fair

It was a weird fair for me. It was the first time we came back-to-back days. Usually we are off to Pennsylvania early Saturday. This year I was exhausted from traveling and wanted to see more of the fair so Ali humored me, and we returned for a second day. I was expecting ridiculous crowds, but maybe our early hour gave us time before the holiday weekend attendees really kicked in. Ali was able to spot some friendly goats looking for human attention.

Mules were a big feature for the morning. The mule jumping competition was much more spirited than I expected. The handlers seemed much more enthused than the mules.

Is this where the phrase kicking up your heels originated?

Cleared by the barest of inches

Mule fail

Next up was "Dress a Mule". I thought Sherlock in the London Cab was really creative,

but she lost out to Flinstones in western boots....

and Thing 1 and Thing 2

In our pre-reviewing (and younger days) we used to be able to get an early start for a day a the Columbiana Fair. Those fair days often started by watching the harness races and ended with the the entrance of the demo derby cars with a bit of bluegrass and other fair stuff in between. Eventually we became busy and the Columbiana County Fair lost things we liked including the relaxing time near the bluegrass stage. Today we had a chance to watch the harness racing at the Geauga Fair. We each picked our favorite horses in the races. I think we split the wins and had some laughs.

They don't make Caddy's like this anymore.

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