Tuesday, December 08, 2015

13 August 2015 Visiting Monterrey

Our site was involved in an audit for the week. Our auditor wanted to visit the city, and I was happy to see downtown so we worked longer days to open a little time in an afternoon. The adventure was memorable and fun after a long project. There are enough old buildings to make the town interesting and memorable.

Our auditor wanted to buy local souvenirs so we made our way to a plaza area.

McDonalds is not a very big part of life in the town. This was the first I had seen. It had a small walk-in area to order with a second floor dining area. The restaurant wasn't busy but an ice cream counter at the outside of the building was quite busy.

While we were stopped for ice cream a biker arrived and joined us at our bench.

He told me of his travels in the States and showed me his pet bird.

My engineer knew the pet shop had a zoo on the second and third floor. It was a very strange experience.

It looks profoundly sad.

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