Wednesday, December 09, 2015

16 August 2015 Sinnemahoning State Park

We were hoping to find a few of the CCC cache series and make a visit to Sinnemahoning State Park. It was a fun and memorable day which started with a visit for glads and a bottle of honey at a roadside market. This stand used to be a great place for farm fresh garlic, but they seem to have stopped growing it.

We enjoyed trees and trails at Sinnemahoning and a few really well done cache hides.

It's been a summer of snapping turtles. Ali spotted this one before the dogs.

It was our first visit to Sinnemahoning where we saw rattlesnakes. The first was large and rattling. Ali was once again the alert one and the dogs were kept safe from harm. As we were headed back to the parking lot, we saw a couple of people looking in the grass off the park road. It was a smaller rattlesnake.

We made one last stop for a cache near the dam for the state park's reservoir. I wasn't really expecting great photo opportunities so I had the camera off and the lens cover on when three elk stepped from the woods. By the time I had the camera on, Phineas had spotted the elk and started baying. They were off and moving into the woods. I probably would not have gotten a great image as the light was decreasing, but the sight of them together was awesome. It made a great ending to a fun day. The sunset as we were returning to the cache was an added bonus.

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