Tuesday, December 22, 2015

7 September 2015 End of the Holiday Weekend

The holiday weekend seemed very short. It was time to head back to Ohio. I was happy to once again see my gample on planting gentians at the edge of the patio had paid off. They survived a tough winter with heavy snowfall and ice. I hope they are now a fixture of our summer flowers.

We made a few stops for caches on the way home. Our first stop was a nearby bike trail in Youngsville where we finally took a walk to find a nearby cache. We had struggled for a while trying to find a parking location to reach the trail. Today it was almost easy. Brokenstraw Creek looked ready for a kayak.

We also avenged a cold-weather did not find at SGL109. This cache was a letterbox hidden at a far edge of the gamelands away from the entrance where geocachers from all over the US and other countries stop to find the very old 2000 cache. The find today was easy. We joined that hide with a few others to make a long walk through the gameslands and along the dirt road leading to the parking.

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