Monday, August 11, 2008

17 July 2008 Cameron County

Today's caching and hiking was our least favorite of the trip. The caches weren't bad. It just seemed as though we were looking around the great country side wanting more, but there is always something special to be found if you are patient. We ended our day at a some fields hoping to see elk. On the drive to the parking area, we were treated to a close view of an elk cow. Once we got to the first of two parking areas, we were surprised that there were 100-200 people at the area looking for elk. After enjoying a marvelous sunset and getting in some walking, we started to return to the car. About half way back we both glanced at a distant field and saw the first elk in the field. She was joined by another cow and three bulls. It was so peaceful. It was amazing to see that we were in the middle of an event. We were standing in a rock line surrounded by people who came to see the elk. It was a perfect end to a day.

There are ~300 elk left in Pennsylvania. We were treated to seeing eight of those 300 elk in our two-days in the area. Awesome!

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