Saturday, August 02, 2008

15 July 2008 Tuesday in Tioga

Today was our quiet day. We had breakfast at the Wellsboro Diner. We walked around town and visited Wynken, Blynken, and Nod during the day. We stopped at a favorite candy store with a really, friendly owner and a stock of Peachy Penguins. We browsed a couple of shops on main street and stopped for a couple of really easy caches before heading to Pine Creek Gorge.

We started at the top today. We had thoughts of trying a few trails we hadn’t visited before, but we settled for a hike down to the floor of the gorge and a nice long hike at the base of the gorge. This is the first time we’ve been here in July. We were surprised by the number of people here. It is a popular place, but today there were hikers and bikers and people that just wanted to stay at the top and look at the gorge. We saw lots of birds, including herons. We enjoyed the wildflowers of the moment. We ate a lot of great raspberries from the side of the trail. After a quick visit to the Frog Hut, we made our way back to Potter County.

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