Saturday, August 16, 2008

21 July 2008 Waiting for Bats

There is a bat box at the North Chagrin Nature Center that is filled with bats. Every evening just after sunset bats pour from the box and begin their nightly mission of devouring nearby mosquitoes. It is quite a sight to see. We spent the time waiting for the bats watching the ducks and the sunset. We were surprised to see the family that keeps Gwen and Eva when we are traveling. They joined us in our vigil. We got to see lots of bats. The naturalist visited us. I think she was amazed to see people that had come to visit the bats.

It’s really difficult to grab a photo of a bat on the move. It was especially tough with the older camera, but if you look at the last photo, you can see a bat coming from the side slot.

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