Friday, August 22, 2008

29 July 2008 Adding Adams County

I was on a geocaching county hunt while working in Carlisle for the week. I knew this would be the best remaining week for daylight this year. We needed a cache in Adams County. I was able to find four and prevent the dreaded wimpy one. Our first was at a state game lands. It was a nice cache, but the description didn't mention the wetlands I crossed. Thankfully it was pretty dry. While I was in the wetlands, I spotted a handful of black ducks :-) a new white flower, and some good stands of square-stemmed monkey flower.

I passed on the four terrain in the SGL that seemed to require a risk of serious injury. It was placed by the same person that neglected to mention the wetlands crossing in the first cache so I was leery of what he placed for a tougher cache. Maybe I'll be braver on a future trip. While in Adams, I grabbed a cache near an old church, got a Revolutionary War headstone waymark near the church, and visited a interesting looking town called East Berlin. While stopping to visit a Waymark in East Berlin I was treated to an amazing late evening sun. East Berlin is a small town with an old two-lane mainstreet of brick buildings. As I got out of my car to cross the street, the sun was dropping near the horizon. This bright red ball was alinged perfectly with the center of mainstreet. It was a memorable sight with too much traffic for a picture. :-(

I enjoyed the caches in Adams and hope to get a chance to return. Geocaching and Waymaking show me so many places I probably would never have visited, but in doing so open my eyes to how little of the great things on this planet I have ever seen.

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