Thursday, October 02, 2008

22 September 2008 One Last Day

The week came and went too fast. We had not planned to be here on Monday, but stayed an extra day based on the airline schedules. That certainly fit in the category that all things happen for a reason. Ali did well Sunday and was able to fly Monday so we checked out of Sturbridge and began to make our way home.

We had enough time for a couple visits to cemeteries with Revolutionary war graves. Our journey took us to an amazing little preserve of 50 acres left open to the public as a memory of a former resident. We got one last stop in the tranquil area around Woodstock, Connecticut. We also got a couple park stops and a few more memorable caches. If I get to return in the future, I will welcome the chance. If I never pass this way again, I have many wonderful memories. Time to return to Ohio.

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