Saturday, October 11, 2008

5 October 2008 Hiding caches in Warren

The dogs and I got out for a misty, morning walk on the property. The trees were fogged in making for an eerie little walk. We also found a really large spider web. For once, I saw it before walking into it.

Once the fog burned off, it was a bright, blue day. It was a perfect day for taking out the old caches and placing the new caches. It was also a perfect day for stopping at a little bench along the trail. We spent time along an old rail grade both in the State Game Lands and along the Tidioute bike path. A loop of the day took us to a nice section of the ANF along Grunderville Road and a return to a favorite place, Irvine Flats. The dusk sky at Irvine Flats looked great with just a sliver of moon peeking above the mountains. We took a cache out of Irvine Flats and replaced it with a Christmas ornament cache.

The ornaments have a story behind them. We were at Wild Wind, a local craft festival. Ali spotted this nice geocaching, wooden plaque. It seemed odd, but the place was from Elk County and geocaching has a lot of visibility there. I noticed these nice, simple wood ornaments. Ali and I discussed these would make great cache swag. I selected about two dozen and handed them to the a person in the booth. She gave me a bit of an odd expression so I told her that we play this game and were planning to give them to visitors. She asked what game and I said geocaching. Her eyes lit up and she said, "I am a geocacher." It turned out that the two people manning the booth for the Craft Fair were members of the caching family Original Griswolds. We had a fun visit met two nice caching people. Meet the Griswolds was born.

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