Sunday, October 05, 2008

27 September 2008 Great Geauga Campout

We try to attend this event every year. It is hosted by two close friends; it is at a great park; it offers us a chance to hike and walk; and many wonderful people show up for the event. We stopped by on Friday evening and hung out at base camp near GG's camper. Neither of us is much for the smoke from campfires so we missed a lot of the campfire people, but we still got to visit with GG, Goat Haunt, Ted, Gay, Steelbowl, and Phil. It was a fun relaxing evening. When we were leaving the stars were amazing. Just a few miles from our home yet the difference in light pollution makes this a much, much better place to star gaze.

On Saturday we came just for the fun. We weren't certain if we could make the event so we didn't register for the geogame. Instead we came to hunt the caches for fun. We stopped at base camp for a visit with the Lake County group, Then we headed off for a walk. Our first cache led us to the trail where BBD's team was finishing the game. We exchanged some funny stories and headed off on different trails. We walked around the lake, along the beach, and up to the manner. It was really pleasant until the skies opened. We got wet. It wasn't as bad as Sunday in Rhode Island, but we still got wet. A stop at the gazebo in the park helped keep off a little water. Later on, we got to return to a picnic area and visit with a bunch of friends we had missed the day before. The rain gave up and the day ended wonderfully.

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