Wednesday, October 01, 2008

19 September 2008 Go Climb A Rock

I remember that slogan from a friend's T-shirt many years ago. Today we got to end our fun doing just that. We started in New Hampshire. We had stayed in this little town called Lebanon. The evening before was the best food of the trip and a pleasant perfect stay. In the morning we went back to Lebanon for a little caching and waymarking. Our caching stop was at a small local park, Goodwin Park. Goodwin had a small ski hill and two ski jumps. Having never seen ski jumps in person, these were pretty scary. We were joined in our visit to the park by the local police officers. We said hello and headed into the woods. On our return back we were surprised to find a number of them in the water searching and using metal detectors. We quickly asked, "This is training, isn't it?" A negative reply gave us a somber moment. We headed back to our car and left them to their work. After a little waymarking in Lebanon, we made our way to Vermont with a desire to return to this scenic area.

After we left New Hampshire, we made our way to White River Junction, Vermont. This was a neat little town with a lot of waymarks and a scenic railroad. Too bad the railroad wasn't running on Friday. We did stop at an outstanding bakery and grab some items for lunch. Our stops in Vermont included a tandem covered bridge which spanned a section of the Connecticut River with the scariest dam I've ever seen. It was made of plywood and included warning signs about when to run for cover. This was our first stop on vacation where we got to see a lot of New England asters in New England. We stopped at the Connecticut River for a cache straddling the Vermont and New Hampshire borders.

After all this we made our way to Mt. Ascutney. We each had places we wanted to stop on vacation and this was at the top of Ali's list. She had been here in college and remembered it as a great place. Unlike so many places we go when we're younger and return to find changed or not quite as we remembered, I don't think Mt. Ascutney failed. It was gorgeous. We did an earthcache, played tourists, ate lunch, and then made our way to the main event. We took the summit trail to the top of the ridge and climbed the tower. When I was done soaking in the sights and taking pictures, I looked at Ali and said, "There's a cache nearby." She looked at me, looked at her gps, and gave me this look while saying, "It's .66 miles away and it's a 4 1/2 terrain." Ah who cares, come on let's go climb a rock. She shook her head, thought me nuts, and off we went. It was outstanding! It was stupendous! It was the way caching is meant to be! We got the cache and made our way to Sturbridge.

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