Tuesday, October 14, 2008

6 October 2008 Mount Vernon Place Baltimore

I drove to Baltimore for a three-day meeting because I needed to be in Pennsylvania the day after the meeting. I don't really like driving in strange towns that are also big towns so I parked the car in the hotel garage and spent a week walking whenever free time allowed. One of my stops and the first place I really noticed when I arrived was Mount Vernon Place.

The area is a little hard to miss. The United Methodist Church towers over the area. A large plaza in the center of a traffic circle also stands out with a huge monument to George Washington. While I was here I found out that bronze statues remain their natural color with an application of wax. The guy in the lift was using a torch to melt and remove the wax from the statue before re-applying more.

Like so much of Baltimore, there is interesting architecture everywhere you turn. There are also lots of people really down on their luck. There is a park across the street from the Church. The entire time I was in the area a couple stood in that park screaming at each other. They were so angry and so involved with their personal war that I did not want to walk by them. Instead I approached the geocache in the park from the opposite direction. I gave up my hunt when I realized the bench nearest the cache was occupied by a homeless person sleeping there. My hunting of a container with a piece of paper to sign seemed to be insignificant by the sight of people who had nowhere to go but on the streets. I lost my drive to cache and returned to the hotel.

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