Friday, December 30, 2011

12 November 2012 It Never Rains In...

Southern California. The song was wrong. It really does. We were up today hoping the rain would hold off and we could hike the back country trail in Crystal Cove. We had breakfast and drove over hoping the weather would stay at a light drizzle. Our plans didn't work as we pulled into the drive and immediately saw the sign saying the trails were closed. We drove across the highway and made a stop at Ruby's (yum) for an early shake and to re-group.

Wildlife watching while enjoying a chocolate malt.

After a shake and a malt, we re-grouped and headed to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. Ali made a great call here since weather at this wet place would not be a problem. It was a super day for birds. The rain was just a mist for most of the afternoon as we enjoyed the trails. We later made our way to the San Diego Creek bike trail for a bit to grab a few last caches. The rain really started to pick up so we finally called it a day. Our last find was a fun sudoku with the final cache at an asian mall. We had a great time at the mall and were only disappointed that we had no means to cook to enjoy all the tempting goodies.

I'm glad there was no cache here...

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