Sunday, December 25, 2011

4 November 2011 Caching Erie

I wanted to walk in the woods a bit on the way back home and hoped for a cache or two on my journey. I was glad to see I could cover both at Marion Fricano Memorial Park in North Collins. As soon as I realized the unfound caches were in this park a smile came to my face. I had been to this park before and remembered a quiet stream with a nice waterfall. I was pleased to return for not one, but four hides.

When I opened the second cache, I was truly surprised to see another signature on the page with the same date. Marion Fricano Park is very easy to pass by on the busy road unless it is a destination. I thought someone must have signed the wrong date as I have been known to do. I signed the log and moved onto the next cache, a four terrain hide. As I approached the next cache, I was surprised to see a backpack on the trail. A gps a few feet away confirmed the log signature truly had been for the correct day. The owner of the signature was over the side in the ravine retrieving the cache as I approached. We said hello; had a nice meeting; and I moved on to the last my last unfound hide in this super park.

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