Saturday, December 31, 2011

13 November 2011 Caching a Busy Day

For non-cachers, a busy day is a caching day where multiple cache types are found. We've never really tried for a busy day since we have so many finds in areas where we usually cache. Today was different. We have only a few finds in California. Ali was able to set a course for us to potentially grab as many as eight cache types (traditional, multi, puzzle, letterbox, whereigo, webcam, virtual, and an earthcache). We got seven. The webcam was at a ferry along the water. The wonderful weekend weather had brought a ton of tourists to the narrow streets and alleys. We got into the traffic mess and realized there was no way to accomplish our mission. Too bad, the place looked a great area to spend some time and explore.

Our journey was hectic and ended late. The whereigo, like so many whereigo's seemed and endless process of walking constantly in circles hoping the cartridge would engage. If whereigo's worked well, the cache owner's idea would have been a lot of fun, but it turned out to be tedious and too much of an afternoon. We ended with seven. Not bad for a busy day. I think I'll pass on any chances to repeat, but it's one more challenge completed.

This nice tree was the perfect place to hide a micro. Ali finally spotted the container.

This was one of many spotted on the trail today. Later, we were in a location where I had left the camera behind because of the terrain. On that trail we spotted a lizard living in a piece of cloth stuck about four feet up in a bush. That lizard was completely unfazed by us and would have been an nice model. Oh well...

Flames? On an Audi?

At least we had a great view of the mountains as we walked back and forth like a bunch of chickens completing the whereigo.

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