Friday, December 23, 2011

26 October 2011 Free Afternoon

I gave my second talk of the meeting in the morning and had a free afternoon. I started about noon and walked and cached as far as I could go until about four. After I left the bay area, I made my way through a park that includes a cancer survivor plaza. I liked the pavillion with the mosaic roof and the themed mosaic benches, but I didn't like the survivors' sculpture. It portrayed people walking into four joined squares that are supposed to be the cancer journey. It seemed Orwellian to me.

Hope, Health, and Love

This bird nabbed multiple fish while I was watching. It seemed a lot more successful than the other nearby birds.

The USS Recruit was a fun and unexpected find. The US Navy built three 2/3 scale ships to use for land-based training stations. The other two are gone, but the Recruit remains on display in San Diego. The ship is not available for tours, but there are apparently efforts to raise money to turn this piece of history into a museum. Too bad, it would have been a great location to take a tour.

After a great walk on a sunny afternoon, I enjoyed a quiet sunset before joining two colleagues for a quiet business dinner.

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