Friday, December 16, 2011

12 October 2011 Dinner and a Challenge

We spent the middle part of our vacation with me working a few days at our Salisbury facility. Ali spent the days exploring and caching while I was at the office. After work we were able to grab only a cache or two before the short days shut us down. This evening Ali had spotted a Thai restaurant during the day in Kannapolis and wanted to drive back for dinner.

When we parked the geomobile, I noticed there was a challenge nearby at the Dale Earnhart statue. I know next to nothing about Nascar, but was game to do the challenge. I was supposed to intimidate the statue. I'm not sure I intimidate anything or anyone any more, but the challenge was fun.

After the challenge, we stopped at the nearby restaurant Sunshine's Asian Cuisine for dinner. I was wondering a bit as we walked to the restaurant. Kannapolis is really empty at night, but the restaurant was open. The couple who own the restaurant were really super and the food was wonderful. To me, it was the best meal of our trip. I will definitely stop back on my next business trip to the area.

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