Friday, December 23, 2011

25 October 2011 Meetings all Day

One good thing for me while traveling on the western side of the country is that I can wake at my usual four to five in the morning and take advantage of the three-hour time change to cover any issues at our eastern locations. The room was really comfortable with a great balcony view to spend those first few hours working at the computer. The gull had a strange attraction for humans. Whenever I was working during the morning, it showed up at the balcony rail. Someone must have fed that gull a lot to train it. I hope it wasn't too disappointed when I offered no food handouts.

No real chance to enjoy daylight today, but sunset was great and my evening walk was warm.

I didn't pick the restaurant for our evening's meal, but I had to chuckle when I realized the lighthouse at the restaurant was also a benchmark. The food was very good. It wasn't my usual fare, but quite enjoyable.

The restaurant gave a nice view of downtown San Diego. The skyline seems close, but without a vehicle, it was a long way away.

For benchmark hunters, this is actually one of the nearly impossible types to find. Airport beacons used to be quite common, but they have no real purpose any longer in air navigation. Most are gone with this one surviving only because it is on military land. Despite many images, this blurry image was the best. It was quite a sight to see it arc around and light the water.

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