Saturday, December 03, 2011

4 October 2011 Kentucky

We started our day finding a cache near and visiting a waymark at Maplegrove Cemetery near our hotel. Maplegrove is an older black cemetery. It is the final resting place for a small number of black soldiers who were Civil War veterans and has many older homemade stones.

We also made a stop in Georgetown, Kentucky and had a nice walk around this historic town. Georgetown is the birthplace of bourbon, which was my alcohol of choice when I was still permitted to drink. The town has some interesting old buildings and was a fun walk around. Georgetown also has Royal Spring which is the first cave spring I have seen. It was actually an interesting earthcache. :-0

Georgetown architecture

Interesting old City Hall

Maybe it's just me, but the welcome sign and the quilt square look really out of place at what appears to be an old jail. It looks scary...

We had a nice walk at a park/horse farm. There were a few caches along a nice stream in the park. Since it was October, the site of late lobelia was welcome. At the last cache along this stream there were many, many butterflies enjoying the last wildflowers of the season. I was only able to get an image of one. As I look back at he photos, I realize my image selection and quality was really off through the trip. There are a number of things I wish I had captured and many images which I shouldn't have gone after. Oh well...

We both really liked this simple hide along the side of the road. I blew by it the first time, and we almost passed it by rather than turn around. I liked the super cave here while Ali really enjoyed the geology. I was glad we went back.

Ali climbed for the cache

We managed a couple of Tennessee finds before reaching our destination for the evening. It was close enough to sunset to prevent any pictures. This was only my second visit to Tennessee and left me wishing for more time to explore the eastern half of the state.

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