Sunday, December 04, 2011

5 October 2011 Rock Town

We had two missions today, find the October 2000 Rock Town cache and get to Gainesville where we would begin meeting friends. The day for me mirrored a good part of this trip, I felt lousy. Still, there's nothing to be gained by hanging around and waiting for the meds to stop making me nauseous and vacation time was wasting.

We started our journey by heading for a virtual at a Civil War Veterans cemetery near Chattanooga. As usual I missed the turn and went by where we were supposed to go. Two turns later, I pulled into a drive and headed to the back hoping it would link back to the cemetery. Not exactly. Instead, we were in the parking lot for a place called McKay's. This was the most interesting retail find since friends showed us Powell's in Oregon. We stopped in and were in awe of two stories of books and music. After checking for some reading material and looking to see if by any chance there were American Guide Series to be spotted, I took off for the upper floor which was a loft area that ringed the lower floor. The entire second floor was filled with music. Try to remember the things you want to look for when faced with a few thousand titles. I managed to located a Cherish The Ladies cd which joined the music selections.

We did finally leave the store and find the virtual as well as locating a couple of new waymarks to post for a new state.

Nice view on the way to Rock Town

The area where Rock Town is located is super. We enjoyed the hike out and back besides our visit to the rocks. At the very start of our hike out, one of us spotted a new (for us) soapwort gentian. It was a nice find and a elegent wildflower. We also spotted a couple of lobelias which are not like varieties we are used to seeing. I expected we would be about the only people in the area. I was wrong. The woods were packed with visitors. It was a super cache and a month cache hide which we had not found before October 2000.

We were both surprised when we checked into our room in Gainesville. The room had an edgy color scheme (actually a lot like my office), but it was the best room I have stayed in a long while. The hotel did everything right. I was very happy to have multiple days here to relax and sad to leave and move on when the time came.

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